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Casino Characteristics to Shun Away From

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Introduction to Roulette

Most casino games are private in their nature. Meaning that when you play blackjack or slots it's just you versus the dealer or the house. Casino craps on the other hand have created a completely new gambling experience – a social one. When you enter a brick and mortar casino or observe the chat board in an online casino you are bound to notice the commotion around the craps table. This is because in casino craps there is an element that you can not find in any other casino game – the option to bet on another player's actions. In casino craps you can bet that a certain thing will happen even without being the person that actually throws the dices.

Although the game of craps is more than several thousands year old, it modern variation is surprisingly new. An American dice manufacturer name Henry Winn has introduced the concept of bank craps or casino craps near the end of the 19 century. He was the one that first introduced the concept of betting for or against the person that throws, or 'shoots', the dice.


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Live dealer games guide at

Live dealer games lovers can now rely on comprehensive guide for live gaming.

Top approved online casinos in 2011 at CSR's first annual awards

CSR holds its first award annual event for the best online casinos in 2011. Ten online casinos have been nominated as being the best of the year.

Hungary’s New Tax Structure

Hungary has identified new areas to levy taxes in order to meet its current budget deficit.

Microgaming QuickFire Platform’s newest gaming acquisitions

Check out Microgaming QuickFire Platform’s newest additions providing a versatile and enhanced gaming experience.

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